Electric piccolo bass and looping devices. Slowly unfolding harmonic structure with signal processing. Composed for Drew Waters (2011). Performed, recorded, mixed and engineered by Drew Waters, Asilowerks Studios, CA.

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Solitude of Sea

Electronic medium, music for ballet. Commissioned by Norte Maar for Leger Ballet,  Julia Gleich (UK), choreographer.


Diné be iiná

"Sheep is life," was composed in 2013 for the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Artist-in-Residence program. The work depicts one day: sunrise to nightfall. It combines my music and recordings of found sounds, Trading Post activities and Diné singers who were kind enough to contribute their voices. Many, many, thanks to the staff who participated, Clarence Shondee, the people of the Navajo Nation and my friend, Herman McCray.


Metes and Bounds

Composed for Consortium Ardesia (2012). Ann Ellsworth, horn, Marianne Gythfeldt, cl/bass cl and Ellen Hwangbo, piano. Special guest Maria Bella Jeffers, cello. Recording: Ardesia premiere.

Metes and Bounds, I, lightly, playfully


Metes and Bounds, II, sospeso, rubato


Metes and Bounds, III, with exuberance


A Prayer for Peace

Composed for and dedicated to Nouran Meho (Amman, Jordan) and Sarah Cohen (Jerusalem, Israel). The two women were exchange students in 2004 at Keene State College through the “Playing for Peace Project” sponsored by the Apple Hill Chamber Players (E. Sullivan, NH). Recording: Susan Jensen, violin, Darry Dolezal, cello.



The title refers to artifacts of memory, as opposed to archeological items or computer processing distortions. Composed for Lori Ardovino (2012). Recording: Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet.



Composed in 2002. Recording: JW Turner, cello.


Etched in Sacred Time

Electric piccolo bass, electric bass, piano, synthesized sound, percussion (found objects, Petrified Forest National Park). Performed, recorded, mixed and engineered by Drew Waters, Asilowerks Studios, CA (2011).



Composed in 2010, the work is dedicated to the memory of Donald Martino. Recording: Mark Margolies, clarinet, Susan Jensen, violin, Jenny Stirling, viola, Darry Dolezal, cello, Paul Jacobs, piano.



Composed in 2013. Used as the soundtrack for a slideshow of my photographs of the Navajo Nation. Recording: Bill and Judy Pfaff, acoustic guitars.